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3 Tasks You MUST Do The Week After Recital

by Resourceful Dance (
Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Whether this is your first recital or your twentieth, you know that producing a recital is a crazy amount of work. From planning the logistics to fitting costumes and choreographing dances; the list of recital duties goes on and on. After the big day, many dance studio owners feel a giant sense of relief that they can finally breathe a little and relax. 
We are here today to break the news that your work as a studio owner isn’t quite done after the show is over. Don’t panic! There are only 3 things you absolutely must do the week after your recital. And trust us, the extra work is worth it! 
By just adding 3 small tasks to your to-do list the week after your recital, you will boost customer morale, improve retention rates, and get more people to sign up for classes at your studio.

Task #1

Display the memories. Ideally, during your recital, you would have a designated photographer to capture all the great memories. If a professional photographer isn’t in your budget, that is ok! Ask a friend or a parent with a nice camera to volunteer their time. The photos don’t have to be perfect but should capture backstage moments from students getting ready to families catching up after the show and anything else in between. The week after your show put these photos and videos into a slideshow to share with your studio families. We love Adobe Spark (the free version works great!) and iMovie for this.
PRO TIP: Give your recital a special hashtag and spread the word to your students and families. Put the hashtag in the dressing rooms, the program, and mention it during your recital speech at the end of the show. This helps build hype and you can use some of the photos in your slideshow. 
Why spend your afternoon making a slideshow? Because it cultivates those good feelings everyone had at your show all over again. The more students and families can remember how great your show was, the more likely they will to want to do it all over again next year. It encourages your customer to feel like they are part of something amazing. Aside from all the good vibes, a slideshow can make for great material to share on social media and your website as well. 

Task #2

Give thanks. We suggest taking a few moments to write an email, letter, or record a video expressing your gratitude the week after recital. Many studio owners include this in a speech during their recital but we think it is essential to do it again after the dust has settled. Parents give so much time, energy, and money to your business and being acknowledged for that feels good. They are also customers that have the potential to stick around for 10+ years! Showing how much you appreciate them can go a long way in building a strong relationship. 
PRO TIP: This task doesn’t have to be done the week after your show. Have a little downtime leading up to the show? Knock it out then! Also, make sure to save your “thank you” message year-to-year so you can use it as a template. Although we DO NOT recommend using the same one year-to-year, it is easier to start with something written than to start from scratch. Use your template to customize something unique to the current year.  

Task #3

Ask for summer and fall registrations. Many studio owners shy away from this task the week after recital. It can feel like everyone needs a break from all things dance after putting on a huge production. We are here to tell you that the week after recital is actually the perfect time to talk about registration. Remember those good feelings we mentioned in task #1? We can’t think of another time where parents and students will feel more excited about your studio than right after recital. So isn’t that the perfect time to make the ask? We think so too! 
PRO TIP: Have a table at all your recital events (picture day, dress rehearsal, etc.) specifically to take summer and fall registration. During recital week, parents will have quite a bit of time to take a look at the schedule and sign up. If you have online registration available, bring an iPad or tablet and they can do it while they wait. 
This part shouldn’t feel sneaky and doesn’t even have to be pushy. Those good vibes from your recital and the fun reminder with your slideshow will do the selling for you. All you have to do is put out an email blast or two reminding families that registration is open. We always recommend putting the word out on social media channels as well. 
These 3 tasks won't take up too much of your well-deserved rest the week after recital. They will, however, make a big difference to your families and remind them why they chose to dance at your studio. Going the extra mile the week after recital will make a huge impact on your customer’s experience and to your bottom line. So why not give it a try? Do you have any tasks that are important to you after your studio’s dance recital? We would love to know!
--Colleen Rubio and Meagan Ziebarth 
Meagan and Colleen are the Co-Founders of Resourceful Dance. Together, they help dance studio owners use technology to work smarter and stress less. As former dance studio owners themselves, they understand how running a dance studio can easily become overwhelming and lonely. They also know first hand that marketing and operations tasks can fall to the bottom of the to-do list very easily. At Resourceful Dance they blog weekly, host an online community, and work with dance studio owners one-on-one implementing online business strategies. Meagan and Colleen are passionate about creating a support system for dance studio owners along with teaching others how to become more efficient while moving their business forward.

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