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Stand Out With A Timeless Classic

by Kristin Brumley
Wednesday, August 1, 2018

What makes your studio different from every other studio in the market? If you can’t answer this question, you might be missing out on some effective marketing strategies! When a new family comes through your door inquiring about lessons--you’ve got to compete with every other studio that family is considering.

We’ve found a unique way to turn a prospective family’s visit into something memorable, while also helping you to best understand what makes your studio great: postcards!

We have recently adopted this fun idea at our trade shows, and it’s helped us immensely! After all...who doesn’t cherish mail that isn’t a bill or impersonal junk? It’s a timeless classic to get a postcard from a traveling friend, but it’s become a rare commodity to actually receive one.

And since we love to find ways to help out our entire Dance Recital Ticketing family, we figured this idea could be tweaked to help you, too.

Dear Future Self

When folks visit us at our booth, we give them the option to pick from 5 different postcards. The fronts of these postcards are beautifully designed with an inspirational quote related to dance--ideally something that a dancer would enjoy hanging up on the fridge or on a bulletin board--and our logo. The DRT branding doesn’t need to dominate here, because the real message is how much we love dance!

On the back of each card, we’ve included the text:

"Dear Future Self,
You stopped by the booth at the trade show and you were very impressed!
You loved how easy it is going to make your recitals. You are especially excited about: [fill in the blank]
With love (because you're AWESOME),
[blank line for signature]"

We also added a “Get $50 just for signing up with this card!” as an extra incentive for folks to follow up with us after the trade show. It includes our contact information and our website, as well, so that they can easily make that call-to-action!

We ask people at the trade show to fill these out, and after the event we add a stamp and mail them!

July 2018 - 1

Using Postcards For Your Studio

You might be wondering, “But DRT! How do I use this idea when I don’t have a booth at a trade show?” No problem! We love the idea of designing your own postcards to offer to families who visit your studio but aren’t ready to sign up on the spot.

Include photos on the front of your past recitals, for example. Include your own contact information on the back, so people can get ahold of you easily. Instead of a pre-printed $50 offer, use stickers or a stamp for individual postcards that cater to that specific family. For example, we would offer a larger incentive to a larger school--so maybe you could offer a discount for a bigger family!

Tweak the wording to fit the energy of your studio! Really make it your own. We just recommend that you don’t include anything time sensitive like show dates. You’ll be able to print more and you won’t have to worry about out-of-date cards if you keep the information relevant year-round.

Find Your Unique Selling Position

The main benefits of offering these postcards at your studio include:

  • Increasing conversion
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Avoiding the trashcan by getting the content directly to their home
  • And, most importantly, helping you identify your strongest "Unique Selling Position" (USP)

Your USP is what helps you to understand what makes your studio better than all the rest. When a family fills out the postcard--preferably after you’ve shown them around the studio and briefed them on all you have to offer--they include what they are most excited about in their very own words. It’s important to keep the language on the postcard simple for this reason.

July 2018 - 2

“You are especially excited about:” is an accessible way to ask people what really resonated the strongest with them. By keeping a tally of these responses, you’ll eventually come to see a trend and the strongest USP you have as a company.

Additionally, because the buyer selects the card from several options, they are already invested and (hopefully) will be expecting it in the mail. An invested potential client is less likely to discard the postcard when it arrives. In this way it’s far more effective than a simple brochure or business card!

We look forward to hearing from you! Let us know how this works out for your own studio, and be sure to come see us at a trade show to get your own Dance Recital Ticketing postcard. You can check out our trade show schedule on our blog.

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