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Doubletake Dance Studio in Texas stops by the DRT booth in Atlanta.

Top-5 Trade Show Questions About DRT

by Kristin Brumley
Monday, November 20, 2017

We attended all four of the United Dance Merchant of America (UDMA) trade shows this fall, and it was exhilarating to meet so many great studios across the continent! If you attended the UDMA trade shows in New Jersey or Chicago, you probably remember meeting Sara. Sara is a talented member of our staff, and very skilled at answering any questions you might have had about our services!

We asked Sara to put together a list of the top five questions you asked at this year's trade shows. It seems safe to say that the studio owners we met might not be the only ones who are curious to know!

1. I have a small studio. Would online ticketing be beneficial for me?

Absolutely! Our system is built to benefit small and large studios alike. Small studios have customization needs of their own, and we are here to help!

2. Can I control who can purchase tickets to my show?

Yes! We offer what we call a "priority period" that can be tailored for your sales period. Whether a few days at the beginning, or the sales entirely, buyers will require a priority code in order to purchase tickets. Priority codes are unique to each buyer and allow you to control who can purchase tickets on your site.

3. I give some free/discounted tickets. Do you support that?

Yes! Our system will generate and email coupon codes to your guests. You have control of who receives a code and how much their tickets are discounted.

4. Do I have control over the options/features for my sales or do I have to submit everything to my account rep at Dance Recital Ticketing?

You absolutely have control of all aspects of your sales. Once we set up your ticketing sales website, we provide you with the link to your site, as well as your 'admin dashboard.' From your dashboard you can control your codes, merchandise, donations, gift cards, etc. This is also where you can see all of your sales in real time and access any reports you need regarding your ticketing.

5. I am nervous about people asking for refunds. How does Dance Recital Ticketing handle that?

We have a blanket 'No Refund' policy that all of our buyers must agree to in order to complete their purchase. We want to protect you and your income! The funds will be directed to you, and as the studio owner, you have the decision, per your refund policy, to issue refunds on a case by case basis. We will never guarantee that for a buyer without your express permission.

We hope that these answers have helped you in your decision as you consider making us your perfect dance partner! The process is an easy one that has helped lots of studios like yours to save money, time, and stress! Give us a call at 706.550.1416 where we would be happy to answer any other questions you might have.

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