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We're Rewarding Dance Educators

by Kristin Brumley
Sunday, January 28, 2018

We’re kicking off 2018 with a new program specifically designed to reward dance educators. Whether you run a big or small program, we’re now offering a new way to earn back the ticketing fees your parents normally pay.

The DRT Elite Educators Program (DEEP) is our new appreciation program available to dance, music, and theatrical studios; public and private schools; and professional dance programs that promote and support dance education. By simply sticking with Dance Recital Ticketing for your ticketing needs, every ticket you sell earns you the opportunity to receive more cash back on the base ticketing fee*.

How the DEEP Discount Works:

The more tickets you sell, the more you earn back. You can earn as high as 5% cash back when you reach the Double Diamond level. There is no limit to how much you can earn back in any calendar year, and you get cash back EVERY YEAR that you remain qualified for the program.

  • DEEP rewards clients that have been with DRT for consecutive years with a discount on the base ticket fee.
  • Once qualified, the lowest rebate rate is 1%, and the maximum rebate rate is 5%.
  • Your DEEP discount (aka rebate) will be paid in January for sales from the previous calendar year. The % of the rebate is based on your Participation Level, which is based on the sales in the most recent Qualifying Period (shown in the table below).
  • There is no maximum to the total amount of cash that can be rewarded in a calendar year.
  • The reward program may not be combined with %-based discount offers for participation in professional dance organizations. For members with dual-participation, the higher of the calculated discounts will be paid.

How to Qualify:

  1. You must be a dance/music/theatrical studio, public/private school, or professional dance program that promotes and supports dance education.
  2. You must have used our services for ticket sales within the last 365 days. A lapse in sales for more than a 12 month period will disqualify you from the program.
  3. Any dance educators that ticketed with DRT in 2017 are eligible to have their tickets sold in 2017 count toward their Participation Level if they join our program soon. So check in with your account representative ASAP!
  4. Contact us with your interest in order to join! If you meet the above criteria, we’d love to include you as a DEEP member! Reach us by email: info@dancerecitalticketing or by phone: 855-DRT-5678

Participation Levels and Rebate Rewards:

Your Participation Level and rebate % as a DEEP qualified member is based on the chart to the right:

Diamond and Double Diamond Members will also be eligible to use the respective DEEP Diamond or Double Diamond Seller logo on their website, as well as any other promotional materials. DRT may also recognize Diamond and Double Diamond sellers on our marketing materials, including website, printed materials, and social media accounts.

Our new DRT Elite Educators Program is just our way of saying thank you for choosing Dance Recital Ticketing for your ticketing needs! Thank you for your business. If you are interested in getting started as a DEEP member, please contact us at info@dancerecitalticketing or 855-DRT-5678!

*The base ticket fee is $1 during the 2019 calendar year, and is subject to change without notice.

**Tickets Sold includes all cumulative tickets sold during the most recent Qualifying Period. A Qualifying Period ends if a member does not sell tickets with DRT within that past 365 days.

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