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Frequently Asked Questions

We need to start selling our tickets in a couple days! What do you need and how long does it take to get set up?

First off, thank you for giving us the chance to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We need two things to get you set up:

  1. Complete a short 20-minute phone interview or complete the short online checklist so we can capture your show details.
  2. Send us your company logo and the seating diagram from your venue. The diagram can be faxed or emailed. As long as we understand the section, rows, and seat numbers, we'll be able to work with it.

When your site is ready, we will send you the link to review. You can post the link on your website and social media pages at your convenience. Your approval of the seating diagram and the color/background/logo customizations is the final step before your sales will begin.

Do you provide printed tickets? What about Mobile e-Tickets?

We offer both a customizable Print-At-Home ticket and a mobile e-Ticket at no extra cost, both of which are both available from your buyers' receipt. This saves the studio the burden of needing to print out and handle tickets. You can, at any time, print out or download reports of who has purchased tickets and which seats have been assigned. If you need an option to include a mailing address, please let us know.

I have multiple shows and would like the tickets to look different for each. Can this be done?

Definitely! The default printable tickets can be customized with a selectable background color and graphic image. You can have different colors and different graphics per show, even if they are on the same day. Please request our graphic specs if you would like to submit custom ticket graphics.

How much does your service cost?

Our goal is to make this a FREE SERVICE to dance studios. We add a small service fee to the cost of each ticket. We can either add this on top of your ticket price or include it in a flat ticket price. You control how the pricing is displayed to the buyers—either as a total cost or as a ticket cost + a service fee. We charge no monthly or per show fees. This fee covers all credit card transaction and process fees.

How often do we get paid? What methods do we have for disbursements?

We have two methods of issuing payments: a single, lump sum payment after the event or weekly direct deposits via ACH to your account. Both methods are included for free with your service.

Our studio gives out free tickets to families of students. Can the system be used to issue free tickets and allow them to buy additional tickets?

Yes, absolutely. Free tickets are handled using a coupon code at checkout. This is very much like coupon codes that you would use on other websites. When the buyer checks out, they can apply a code that you have provided them which applies the discount to their existing order. You, as the studio director, can generate as many coupon codes as you wish. Each coupon code is unique and may only be used once. Each coupon code is good up to a maximum number of seats and can optionally be valid only for specific shows or for orders placed before specific dates. We can also program a discount to apply automatically for all buyers.

Some of our students have an outstanding balance. Can we make it so that tickets can only be purchased if their accounts are up-to-date?

Absolutely! This is a common issue among studios. Using Priority Seating Codes or Order Approval, you can easily manage the families who may purchase tickets to the recital.

Do you have more questions?

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Do you have more questions?


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