Dance Recital Ticketing®

Feature History

Dance Recital Ticketing® has changed a lot over the years. We've grown up, we've grown out... we've build good things on top of good things and are proud of where we are now! If you are curious how we got here, take a look at this:

Spring 2015 Improved chart printouts for day-of
Canadian currency and phone number
Greatly improved barcode scanning app
Row lettering on seating charts
Fall 2014 Reduced pricing for all studios!
Social media integration (FB, Twitter)
Real-time administrative dashboard
Spring 2014 Track bounced emails to buyers
Customizable coupons and pricing logic
Improved look of administration site
Speed improvement across the board
Automatic cart timeout extension
Winter 2013 Improved automated email reminders
On-site "ticket day" mode
Reissuance of coupon and priority codes
Longer call-in box office hours
Barcode scanner app for iPhone and Android
Same-day EFT reduced to $0 additional cost
Added redacted logins for staff
More reports and analytics
Spring 2013 Improved buyer self-service experience
General page load & speed improvements Printable floor diagrams showing sold and unsold seats
Avery Label download for issued codes
Tickets available in a selection of colors
Support for general seating
On-demand blank ticket download
Added pricing tiers for seats
Download tickets for unsold seats
Winter 2012 Added USB and Bluetooth scanner support
Include barcodes on individual tickets
Session timeout countdown Added support for date-based seat pricing
Enabled studio managed seat exchanges
Added support for multiple seat colors
Enabled individual PDF tickets
Upgraded accounting/distro reports
Added priority seating
Major upgrade to studio's management tools, adding real-time reporting
Summer 2012 Added coupon codes for discounted seats
Enabled electronic weekly funding in addition to check distribution
HTML based iPhone and iPad compatible seating chart (supplanting Flash-based seating chart)
Flash-based interactive seating chart