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Dance Recital Ticketing® offers a complete ticketing package specifically designed for studios. Click on any of the features to learn more.

Painless Setup and Configuration

  • Handicap seating restrictions.

    Handicap seating restrictions.

    Managing handicap seats, and ensuring that they are only purchased by specific families, can be a very time consuming and difficult task. If you'd prefer, our system can be customized so that prior approval is required before specific seats can be purchased, including handicap seats. You can also require that seats next to handicap spaces be purchased together.
  • Variable max-hold time for the shopping cart.

    Variable hold time for cart.

    The shopping cart can be configured to time out anywhere between 15 minutes to 2 hours. This helps push people through the purchase process and make it easier for many people to purchase tickets during the first hour's rush.
  • Customized colors, logo, and background image.

    Customized look.

    The entire seat selection and checkout process takes place on our servers so that you have nothing to install, but we use your colors, your background, and your logo so that people feel at home during the process.
  • Complete turn-key solution: we handle the credit card processing for you.

    Complete turn-key solution.

    Our solution incorporates everything you will need to sell tickets online. You do not need to have credit card processing capabilities, ticket printing capabilities, or even know how to use a spreadsheet to track sales. Our system handles all the work so you can get back to teaching your dancers how to fly.
  • Establish per-seat, per-row, and per-section pricing.

    Custom seat pricing.

    Even if your theatre has complicated pricing for seats based on section, row, row within section, or individual seats, our system can handle that for you.
  • Variable start and end dates for selling tickets per show.

    Variable start and end dates.

    You decide when tickets can go on sales and when they are no longer available for purchase. The system will automatically honor yours rules so that you can focus on your own priorities.

Real-time Studio Reporting and Management

  • Download a sales spreadsheet anytime you like.

    On-Demand Sales Reports

    Using our tools, you can download, on demand, the list of sales to date. Some studios post daily updates to ticket sales on the bulletin board in the studio. The kids LOVE IT!
  • Download reports, charts, and tickets for unsold seats for use the day of the show.

    Door Sales Features

    For the day of the show, you can download a spreadsheet of the unsold seats, download and print a seating chart showing exactly which seats are sold, and download ticket sheets for those unsold seats. All of these features are included standard at no cost to you. We do not charge you a service charge for tickets sold at the door.
  • Real-time accounting and seat availability reports.

    Real-time Reporting

    Our online reports are always up to date. You can see at that exact moment which seats are available for purchase and which are taken.
  • Check and same-day electronic funding--get paid faster!

    Get Paid Quickly

    We understand that studios need their money to pay for expenses such as theatre deposits, costumes, music, and other bills. So, we don't wait until after the show to pay you! Instead, we pay you every week with a same-day direct deposit to your bank account on Thursdays. If you prefer a check, we can still send you one after the ticket sales are over. Never wait for your money again.
  • Reserved seating for special needs families, staff, and VIPs.
    If you want to block off specific seats for families of special needs children, special guests and staff, or any other reason, our system will provide codes that you issue to the buyers to allow them to put these blocked seats into their carts.
  • Coupon codes for free and pre-paid seating.

    Coupon Codes for Discounted and Free Seats

    If you've promised free seats, or have already accepted money for seats, you can issue any number of coupon codes for use during checkout. Simply have the system generate these codes using our easy-to-use administration tools and present these codes to the buyers for use during checkout. This is a perfect solution for studios who provide "free" tickets when families pay their recital fee.
  • Customizable pricing for complicated pricing models.

    Customizable Pricing

    Customizable pricing was a feature we added in 2014. If you have a complicated pricing scheme involving multiple shows, ticket thresholds, or whatever else you've dreamed up, our system can apply those discount automatically, or with the use of a coupon code.
  • Sell tickets at the door FOR FREE.

    Free Tickets For The Door

    We don't charge you for the tickets you might need to sell at the door. You can print out blank tickets for use at the door. These blank tickets are a PDF so they print with clean lines, and are prefilled with specific show information.
  • Redacted logins for administrative staff.

    Delegate Administration

    You can add additional logins into your administrative tools for your staff and other personnel. These logins can manage ticket sales without seeing financial data.
  • Gift Cards for refunds and recital fee. NEW!

    Gift Cards

    Instead of giving refunds when buyers can't make the shows, or issuing coupons for free seats, you can provide electronic gift cards (that only work for ticketing) that buyers can use on their next purchase.
  • Know who the buyers are coming to watch. NEW!

    Crediting Performers

    When the buyer is checking out, we can ask them who they are coming to watch. You get a report that says how many ticket each performer sold, even if there are multiple buyers coming to watch the same performer.

Top-notch Buyer Experience

  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.
    Our service doesn't use any Flash for the interactive map, so it is guaranteed to work on HTML 5 compatible devices, which include iPads, iPhones, iPods, and most Android devices.
  • Looks similar to your website.

    A Familiar Look

    To make your parents a bit more at ease, we customize it with your logo, colors, fonts, and background.
  • Extremely intuitive for parents.

    Parent-friendly Process

    The buying process doesn't not contain any unnecessary steps. Parents go in, select their seats, enter their payment information, and get their receipt. There is no requirement for creating an online account.
  • Interactive seating map with "Click to Reserve" technology.

    Interactive Seating Diagram

    We create a map of your theatre using and buyers click on seats to add them. This way, they can visually see the seats in the theatre.
  • Print-at-home with no extra fees.
    Buyers can conveniently print out their own ticket instead of waiting to receive paper tickets.
  • Individual PDF tickets.

    Downloadabel Tickets

    If the studio prefers, buyers can print out individual tickets. Since they are generated as PDF files, they are formatted cleanly and professionally. This is perfect if attendees are not going to show up at the gate at the same time. Ticket can be customized with a different background color and graphic per show.
  • Optional priority seating

    Priority Seating Codes

    Priority seating codes are codes that are given to individuals that let them make purchase seats during a time when otherwise sales are closed. Use this feature to create a VIP purchase time-frame, or to limit exactly who can purchase seats. You can set the priority seating requirements for each show.
  • Cart timeout indicator.

    Cart Timeout Warning!

    When a buyer is running out of time. The countdown timer turns red to warn them. As they get very close to being out of time, it even flashes.
  • Performer Lookup. NEW!

    Performer Lookup

    Before buyer their tickets, your families can look up their dancer and see what show (or shows) they are in. That way the correct tickets are purchased, reducing the need for exchanges (and upset parents when they don't get the same seats).
  • Golden Tickets. NEW!

    Golden Tickets

    Designate winning seats in your shows. Buyers will have to print out their tickets to know that they've won--the tickets come out gold with a special message that you provide. This is a great way to add excitement and encourage your buyers to print their tickets.
  • Ready-Made Themes. NEW!

    Seasonal Pre-Built Themes

    If you do not have graphics specifically designed for your sales page you are welcome to use one of our pre-built themes. They look great and your families will love theme.

    See them now!
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