Dance Recital Ticketing®

We are the Zero-Cost solution!

Studio owners and managers have to much on their minds to worry about how much ticketing will cost—that's why our services are free to the studio!

The buyer pays a single ticket fee per ticket—which covers 100% of both the credit card fees and our fees. Unlike the other guys, we don't hold on to any of your money. Once you sell a ticket, you receive the face value of that ticket!

Please be careful when dealing with other companies. Unlike Dance Recital Ticketing®, many of them have hidden fees!

Feature Our Thoughts
Setup FREE
Clickable Seating Chart FREE
Credit Card Processing INCLUDED
Weekly Electronic Distribution FREE
Lump Sum Check Payment FREE
Example: On $10 in-person ticket, buyer pays: $1.50
Example: On $20 in-person ticket, buyer pays: $2.00
Withhold Money From First Distribution NEVER!
PayPal Service Charge N/A
Tickets for the Door FREE
Barcode Scanning App FREE
Usher App FREE
Orders Administration FREE
Real-Time Reporting FREE
Ticket Exchange and Reprint FREE
Box Office Support FREE
Priority and Coupon Codes FREE
Site Design FREE

Our Price Guarantee

If you get a lower all-inclusive price quote from TutuTix we will beat it, guaranteed!

Interested in moving forward?

Call DRT today to learn how we can help manage your live performance!
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