Dance Recital Ticketing®

2020 DRT Cancellation and Refund Policies

Our cancellation and refund policies have been updated to reflect the cancellations and postponements as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Our goal is to be absolutely clear to our clients about the challenges and costs involved with selling tickets in this new environment, and provide a path for those that wish to lower their exposure and/or risk.

  1. In the event of a cancellation, DRTs standard policy is to refund 100% of the buyer's transaction to their original method of payment, when possible, and without any additional cancellation fees or penalties levied against buyer or seller. Buyers that cannot be refunded against the original transaction will be refunded by eCheck.
  2. DRT must be notified about event cancellation not later than 80 days after the earliest transaction for the cancelled event(s). This ensures that DRT can refund credit cards within the 90-day window of opportunity afforded by the credit card companies and processing gateway.
  3. For each item sold (tickets, merchandise, donations), the original associated fees (aka Fees) are still owed to DRT even if the event is cancelled. (see below for COVID-19 related relief of Fees).
  4. DRT clients shall be required to repay distributed funds (if applicable) and accrued Fees before refunds can be issued to buyers. If the client has already received sales proceeds, an electronic withdrawal shall be executed to retrieve these funds after the client is issued the Bank Account Debit & Acknowledgement Form, or acknowledges the transfer by other means. For clients where ACH information is unavailable, or for whom electronic debit is unavailable, the client may pay fees by check with no additional surcharge, or credit card with an additional 5% surcharge on the retrieved amount.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Fees Relief Policies

In response to the event cancellations due to Coronavirus, DRT has created a relief policy to help clients who postpone their sales in accordance with the best-practices suggested by DRT, then have the event cancelled. This policy is designed to lower the risks for our clients who sell tickets and have also taken measures to minimize the chances of cancellation during this troubling time. For those clients, a CREDIT will be applied towards the Fees so that DRT can cover minimal operating costs (credit card fees, infrastructure fees, etc) while still maintaining the stellar customer service that our clients expect.

  1. In the instance of a cancellation, clients are eligible for a CREDIT against the Fees under the following circumstances:
    1. SALES DELAYED. Sales start not earlier than 2 weeks before the anticipated event date.
    2. DATES CONFIRMED. Client submits a letter to DRT with the following: on venue letterhead, dated not earlier than 3 weeks before the anticpated event, and signed by a representative of the venue stating that the event is scheduled and expected to happen.
    3. PAYMENT DELAYED. Client is scheduled to receive ticket proceeds post-event (as opposed to weekly).
  2. For cancellation of a credit-eligible event that started sales between 8 and 14 days before the event, the client will receive $0.90 per ticket sold against the Fees owed.
  3. For cancellation of a credit-eligible event that started sales between 1 and 7 days before the event, the client will receive $1.00 per ticket sold against the Fees owed.

BOTTOM LINE: Delay sales until just before your event and reduce your fees substantially if the event is cancelled.

2 weeks before cancelled event $0.90/ticket
1 week before cancelled event $1.00/ticket