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Show/Performance Details

Please read the following before completing the form...


By completing this form you are helping to streamline the process of gathering show details and ultimately help us provide better service to you and your buyers (or studio families). THANK YOU for taking the time to complete this form to the best of your ability. If you find that the form is taking too long to complete, or that you have a situation that cannot be properly described by this form, please feel free to call us instead. We are here to be of service to you! Our number is 706-550-1416, then press Option 3 if you are ticketing with DRT for the first time, and Option 2 if you've sold tickets with us before.

If you have used our services before, select No. Otherwise, select Yes.
Enter the name/business of the friend, search engine, tradeshow, or social media group where you heard about us.

About You and Your Company

If your bank or bank account have changed since last time, select Yes. Otherwise, select No.
If your tax name, tax ID number, or tax status have changed since last time, select Yes. Otherwise, select No.

About Your Performances

Just the show name. Do not include your company name as the presenter.
Just a number, please.

Virtual Shows

Livestream Video-on-Demand Download
On what date AND time will your buyers be able to watch or download the production? Any Friday at 7pm is the most common. Please Note: We will need the file delivered to us 2 business days before this date!
What is the last date that the production can be watched online or downloaded? If you omit a specific time, then we will assume end of the day.
Videographer information is for the person who will be providing the livestream OR will be providing us the video file. If this is you, enter your own information.

In-Person Shows

Include dates and times for all shows. Put each show with date AND time on its own line, even if there are multiple shows on the same date. If shows have different names, put the name of each show on each line.
What do people call the place where the show or shows are being held?
Please use Google Maps to verify the address since many people will use GPS to find the location.
Please use Google Maps to verify the address since many people will use GPS to find the location.
Leave this blank only if you plan on giving us a chart and want to sell all the seats. Otherwise, enter the number of tickets you are allowed to sell.
If a policy is selected that allowed for lap children, buyers will be specifically told that their lap child must remain on the lap during the entirety of the performance.

About Your Ticketing Requirements

If you have child and adult prices, be sure to mention the ages for each. If the prices vary by row and section, describe which seats are which price. If it's too complicated, just be ready to discuss the prices on the phone afer you are done with the form.
If you have different types of virtual shows--such as video-on-demand, livestream, and download--mention the price for all formats. Remember, virtual tickets should generally cost more than in-person tickets.
Enter the TOTAL tax rate. For example, if the state sales tax is 6%, but your county is 1%, then put in 7%, or 0.07 in this field.
Approximately when should sales start? We will try to get you a date as close to the requested date as possible. But there are NO GUARANTEES!
For example: If you allow seniors to purchase early, select Yes. If you only want those with zero balances to be able to purchase, select Yes.
If you need to limit the number of tickets that can be purchased by one person to one or more shows, select the second "Yes" option.
Most of our clients keep online sales open and allow people the option to buy on their phone, or pay cash at the table the day of the show, aka "At the Door".

Additional Options

The Performer Roster allows your buyers to enter their performer's name to see which shows they are in BEFORE buying their tickets. This helps avoids exchanges later!
Setting up donation funds is a great way to raise additional revenue above and beyond your ticket sales!
Credit Performer
If you need to get a report about how many tickets are sold because of a specific performer, enabling "Credit Performer" will add that question to the checkout.
Merchandise Sales
Golden Tickets
Checkout Questions
For a small additional fee (~50 cents in most cases) per ticket, DRT will indemnify you against all fees related to credit card chargebacks. This add-on is FREE to you and helps protect your revenue.
DRT has connections with other trusted vendors in the dance industry. Would you like assistance connecting with any of the following?
Thumbdrive/Video Production
Livestream Provider
Trophies and Giveaways
Is there anything else that you think may make your ticket sales complicated or somewhat uncommon?