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Show/Performance Details

Please read the following before completing the form...

By completing this form you are helping to streamline the process of gathering show details and ultimately help us provide better service to you and your studio families. THANK YOU for taking the time to complete this form to the best of your ability. If you find that the form is taking too long to complete, or that you have a situation that cannot be properly described by this form, please feel free to call us instead. We are here to be of service to you! Our number is 706-550-1416, then press Option 3 if you are ticketing with DRT for the first time, and Option 2 if you've sold tickets with us before.

Just the show name. Do not include your studio name as the presenter.
Just a number, please.
Include dates and times for all shows. Put each show with date AND time on its own line, even if there are multiple shows on the same date. If shows have different names, put the name of each show on each line.

What do people call the place where the show or shows are being held?
Please use Google Maps to verify the address since many people will use GPS to find the location.

If you have child and adult prices, be sure to mention the ages for each. If the prices vary by row and section, describe which seats are which price. If it's too complicated, just be ready to discuss the prices on the phone afer you are done with the form.
Approximately when should sales start? We will try to get you a date as close to the requested date as possible.
Is there anything else that you think may make your ticket sales pretty specific... like offering a multi-show discount or trying to avoid a sell-out situation?